Pictures Without Borders - Bosnia Revisited by Steve Horn

Without Borders - Bosnia Revisited by Steve Horn

Dewi Lewis Publishing in association with The Bosnian Institute, London

Photographs by Steve Horn. Texts by Steve Horn, Helen Walasek, and Senada Polozanin Del Ponte.
Hardbound, 144 pages with 85 duotone photographs
ISBN: 1-9045872-0-8

Photography exhibition

This traveling exhibition includes forty photographs from the book, with accompanying text panels.
These framed and matted images are 20" X 24" and 16" X 20 " in size. The show has traveled to

Emory University, Amherst College, the Bosnian Embassy in Washington, DC, and the Dayton International

Peace Museum and Dayton Metro Library in Ohio.

Multimedia presentation
The multimedia slide presentation is narrated live by Steve Horn, who retraced his 1970 route through Bosnia,
revisiting towns and tracking down people from thirty years earlier. This is a poignant story about war, peace,
and the sustaining nature of the human spirit. Estimated time of show: one hour.


'Pictures Without Borders' is powerful, lyrical, and dramatic and, at the same time, filled with warmth and humanity...."                              

              – Zlatko Dizdarevic, journalist and writer, author of Sarajevo: A War Journal


Pictures Without Borders - Bosnia Revisited - Book CoverHow do we move past being strangers in this world? What can link us together in friendship as other forces try to push us apart?

More than thirty years ago I traveled through Bosnia in a VW Bus that served as home and darkroom. I found myself deeply drawn to the Bosnian people, the landscape and the culture.

My first photographs were taken during a time of peace. When war broke out, I began printing old negatives for a benefit event in my community to help bring war-displaced Bosnian students to schools in the United States. Viewing and sharing those images had an enormous impact on me, and was the beginning of my re-connection to Bosnia.

I returned in 2003 to a country still recovering from all the tragedy of war. I brought photographs from the original trip, along with film-based cameras and a digital audio recorder. I also took a simple digital camera with a portable printer, to make prints for people while again visiting their towns. I wanted to share the old photographs with those for whom they would have meaning. In some cases, I found the very same people and places I had photographed 33 years ago. The book includes interviews, and stories they recently sent me about their lives. The text, originally my own words, has become an international community of voices:

"I cried like a child when I learned that you had a photo of me and my young friends. This is like a small miracle because I hadn't any photographs of my past. The photo has awakened so many memories of those happy, joyful and worriless days of my childhood. It brought back the sound of children's laughter that often echoed in the streets of my old neighborhood."

                                                                                 - Dr. Senada Polozanin Del Ponte

The book gives voice and visual record to an ethnic group whose existence was threatened. It creates a bridge across cultures with the hope of greater understanding, at a critical time for connecting with people of other countries and ethnic backgrounds.

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