Book Publisher

Dewi Lewi Publishing
Stockport, England

Founded in 1994, Dewi Lewis Publishing is recognised as one of the leading European photographic publishers. The company has an international distribution network and publishes around 18 new titles each year.

Project sponsors:

The Bosnian Institute

The Bosnian Institute is a UK registered charity that provides education and information on the history and culture of Bosnia-Herzegovina. The Institute publishes Bosnia Report, a bi-monthly print and on-line magazine of articles and information about Bosnia and its neighboring countries. The web site also has comprehensive book and resource lists.

A World Institute for a Sustainable Humanity (AWISH)

A World Institute for a Sustainable Humanity (A W.I.S.H.) is an international nonprofit organization providing models and support for life sustaining activities, with an emphasis on fostering self-reliance.


Information for Booksellers  Update as of March, 2013 : Pictures Without Borders is now out of print. Some new  and used copies can still be located. Steve has a small number of copies remaining for sale - please check the "order books" page on this site.

Consortium Book Sales and Distribution
Toll Free: 1-800-283-3572

Consortium Book Sales & Distribution is the exclusive distributor for over 90 independent publishers from the United States, Canada, Europe, India, and Australia. Pictures Without Borders will be distributed in the United States and Canada by Consortium.

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