Seattle Post Intelligencer

"Pictures Without Borders does more than just document Bosnia, before and after [the war]. Horn's obvious empathy for his subjects turns his pictures into a remarkable testament to the power of photography to reach across time and across national borders."  -John Marshall   full review


Amnesty International Magazine

"Steve Horn has produced a photography book that tells the story better than words can. He shows the painful, hateful, irrational descent into hell of people who, whatever their alleged differences, had lived together in relative peace. Equally important, he chronicles their slow recovery."  -Richard Holbrooke    full review


Fellowship Magazine - a publication of the Fellowship of Reconciliation

""With his unique photographs, Steve Horn has woven a beautiful story of Bosnia and its people. As I recognized every Bosnian in the pictures and stories he gathered, I realized that, thanks to him, I will be able to show my children that, after all, I did not come suddenly into existence at age 20. " -Jasmina Burdzovic Andreas  full review


Amherst Magazine

"Horn's photographs continually illustrate that life trumps war. His art is in letting the people and the land speak to the camera."  -Frank Ward   full review


Zlatko Dizdarevic

'Pictures Without Borders' is powerful, lyrical, and dramatic and, at the same time, filled with warmth and humanity."

­Zlatko Dizdarevic, Sarajevo journalist, writer, and an editor of the daily newspaper Oslobodjenje during the siege of Sarajevo, which won international awards for keeping independent journalism alive in war-torn Bosnia. He is the author of Sarajevo: A War Journal and Portraits of Sarajevo.


Blaine Harden

"This is a healing book. Steve Horn's photographs show us the human beings--not merely the victims--who suffered and survived the Bosnian war."

­Blaine Harden, reporting for the Washington Post and later the New York Times, covered the collapse of Yugoslavia.


Phil Borges

"Steve Horn showed me his exquisite black and white photographs from travels in Eastern Europe in 1970 during a workshop in April 2003. I sensed that the pictures called him to return to the area and fulfill a greater purpose. We encouraged him to respect that deep knowing. An exciting project has now emerged--the results of his journey bringing images of people and place back to the Balkans.

In this rewarding and beautiful book, Steve takes his photographs to Bosnia thirty-three years after he captured the first set of images on film. He retraces his original route, taking new photographs–and shares the heart-moving experience of returning pre-war pictures to people who no longer had their own record of the way their world existed.

The photographs in Pictures Without Borders, from both 1970 and 2003, have a haunting beauty. They illustrate what I most love about photography--its ability to transcend language and open paths of connection with people around the world."

–Phil Borges has been visiting and documenting indigenous and tribal cultures for over 25 years. He is the author of Tibetan Portrait and Enduring Spirit.


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